Busy Saturday Breakfast

Last night was so fun! It was great to see so many teachers in a completely different element (although I mostly hung out with the teachers I’m already friends with anyway). 

So fun, in fact, that all I wanted this morning was to wait and eat breakfast at our AT seminar. But since I’m trying to stick to healthy eating most of the time, and since oatmeal is one of the loves of my life, I went with my old standby. Image

(I’ll get better at photography as I go, I swear). Just some oats made with milk, raisins, slivered almonds, some cinnamon, a little bit of vanilla, and then a whole bunch of shredded carrots. It sounds weird, but it actually adds a nice crunch to the oatmeal and cools it down enough to eat right away. And then, of course, some decaf tea, my go-everywhere F&M water bottle, and a couple pieces of dark chocolate. 

The morning wouldn’t be complete without some snarky wisdom from my Salada tea!



Off to a seminar for work! We’ll see how much everyone else is struggling.


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