Saturday Recap and the Start of HBBC2013!

Oh man, what a Saturday. I had plans to just chill at home after my AT Seminar, but ended up back in Boston for a crazy night out with some of my new teacher buddies. But first, the healthy things I did!

These are my new running shoes! I’ve basically run in Asics my whole running career, but I’ve never tried the GT-1000s. They were $40 cheaper than my usual GT-2000s, so hopefully the switch is OK on my shins. 


I went on a super baby run in them. I’m talking like 20 minutes. I was just tired and cranky, so I told myself I’d get out the door. And that’s basically all I did. But I did get to run in shorts again in November, so that was a plus.

And then my mom made my very favorite healthy dinner!


Salmon (which I still can’t cook for myself), black beans, squash, and a whole bunch of kale. I just feel like I’m a healthy eating champ when I have this.

But then I quickly negated all benefits of the healthy meal by going out a little too hard in Boston. But OH MY GOD was it a fun night. Struggling a little bit today. Started off with chocolate chip pancakes in bacon. Not exactly in line with Amanda’s HBBC challenge (check out her blog here, she’s the best:, but I should be on target for my water intake for the day, I’ll get in a decent run, and I have salmon leftovers for dinner! Hooray!

I’ll be back later to do my first Sunday meal prep post. Gotta get my butt to Trader Joe’s. And then hopefully get in a solid Sunday run! 



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