Sunday Food Prep (and other ramblings)

This Sunday FLEW by. Granted, I got a super late start, but I can’t believe it’s already Sunday night! So much lesson planning still to do. I’m teaching full days on Thursday and Friday this week, so I’m super psyched, but also know it’s going to be a little crazy.

I fought the crowds at the Trader Joe’s to get all my food for the week. Then I came home and went to the gym, even though it wasn’t that cold out. I used to HATE running on treadmills, but now I don’t mind it at all. I don’t listen to music when I run outside because my Dad has convinced me that I’ll get attacked by a rabid dog or pounced on from behind because I can’t hear anything with headphones in. And while I roll my eyes, his advice has stuck with me, and I’ve never been able to run outside plugged in.

But on a treadmill, it totally works! I’m all about listening to Songza (BEST MUSIC APP EVER, IF YOU HAVEN’T TRIED IT), and it was just a great mix today. Fergie’s song from The Great Gatsby, Timber, some other stuff that made me wish I was dancing in a frat basement…you know, the best stuff to run to. 

I had to split my run into 2 parts because I was on a treadmill with a max 30 minute usage time, but no one was around so I stayed on. Awkward? I ran 7 miles in about an hour, mixing up my pacing depending on how pumped up I was from whatever song was currently playing. 


Then I came home and did this awesome ab video from Amanda at RunToTheFinish (yep, the same one doing HBBC and basically my spirit guide for making healthy choices). It totally kicks your butt, but it’s quick and straightforward.

THEN, I did about an hour of food prep. Ugh. I hate doing it. I know I’ll be so happy later this week, but it ate up a huge chunk of my time. I baked some chicken (setting off the fire alarm about 8 times in the process, but that’s a story for a different day), bagged a ton of veggies for snacks, made my salad for tomorrow, and then chopped all the veggies that go in the Sweet Potato Lentil Soup I’m making in the Crockpot. I’ll just add in the wet ingredients tomorrow morning and put it on before I head off to school. The recipe is from Eat Live Run (one of my other all-time favorite blogs), and you can find it here:

Here’s the final result!


To hold myself accountable, here’s my point total for HBBC today:

3 servings of fruits/veggies, so no point (SO BAD, I know. But I’ll be much better the rest of the week)

7 miles running = 7 points

Over 64 oz of water = 1 point 

Facebook participation = 1 point

So total for the day is 9. I’m not expecting to top that for the rest of the week because I won’t have time to squeeze in runs that long, but my goal for tomorrow is to get that fruit and veggie point!

Do you do Sunday food prep? What song gets you most pumped to run or work out?



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