HBBC Check In and Elf 4 Health Sign Up

Hello friends!

Hope you all had a great Tuesday. Mine was a little crazy; this week’s been full of lesson planning, but in such a fun way! Check out all the cool Greek mythology books I get to read: 


Today was my rest day, so it’ll be a low point total for Amanda’s Holiday Booty Buster Challenge (HBBC2013), but I did manage to get 6 servings of fruits/veggies (2 at breakfast, 2 at lunch, and then 1 each for morning/afternoon snack), drank plenty of water, and participated in the Facebook group. So 3 points for today! Tomorrow is my early day at work, so I’ll have time to get in a nice long run at the gym.

I also signed up for Elf4Health with The Lean Green Bean and Nutrionella! (link here: http://www.theleangreenbean.com/elf-for-health-2013/) This is a free challenge, and it looks so fun! A great mix of healthy eating, exercise, and mental health/self love for a time when we all need some healthy reminders. 


What do you do to stay on track for the holidays? Did you have a favorite Greek god or goddess back in middle school?



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