What I’m Thinking About Wednesday

I’ve got a lot on my mind this Wednesday. I feel like it’s been a bit of a roller coaster week emotionally. Nothing too extreme, but I’ve definitely felt my stress and optimism levels fluctuate.

First, school. It’s going well. I’ve had a lot on my plate this week, which is great because I totally want more responsibility. Honestly, I’m starting to feel like a full year as an AT is going to be a lot. I’m so so ready to have my own classroom. But anyway, planning got switched around this week in 6th grade, so I was teaching lessons I hadn’t planned and then planning lessons on days when I’m teaching in 5th grade, so I also have to review those lessons. At points, I haven’t been sure if I’ve been doing a good job or not, but then there are moments when I feel really good about a lesson. 

And then today, we talked during PD about how we’re maybe not setting up our kids for success in high school and college, which was just kind of demoralizing and scary. Like, we want so badly for all of them to succeed that we put all these supports in place, but then all the sudden, they go off to high school and those supports disappear. And they don’t know how to take notes when they’re not directly told to, or they use too many strategies and it takes them forever to get through their homework. I think it’s good that we had the conversation so that we can move forward with a plan. But still. It kind of sucked. So this quote feels appropriate to boost my optimism:



I did have a good day for HBBC2013! Went on a great 7 mile run on the treadmill (I know, kind of sounds like an oxymoron).


and I got in 7-8 servings of fruits/veggies. Here’s my breakdown for points:

Green smoothie (spinach and frozen berries) and oatmeal with shredded carrots (3 servings), bell peppers and carrots with hummus (1 serving), sweet potato stew (2 servings), apple (1 serving), and more sweet potato stew (2 servings). – 1 point for that! 

(Also, just a note, I had about 3 cookies with lunch and 3 pieces of dark chocolate after dinner. So a few unhealthy things, too)

Water – close to 100 oz – 1 point

Facebook check in – 1 point

7 mile run – 7 points

So that’s 10 points for the day! Woohoo! 

So yeah, lots of good and bad. And lots to do before the weekend, and then before Thanksgiving break. But they all feel like good challenges at this point, so seeing the awesome in that!

What are you stressing about right now? Are you a teacher? If so, how do you balance supporting kids with teaching them independence?


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