Sometimes, it’s the little things

I was having a tough day, but this lifted me right on up. You go, Kid President. “You’re so awesome, I named my boat after you!!”

Also, quick HBBC check in:
Fruits/veggies: 3 at breakfast, 2 for snack, 1 at lunch, 2 at dinner for 8 – 1 point
100 oz water – 1 point
Facebook – 1 point
3 mile run – 3 points

6 points for the day.

What little things lift you up? What do you think people should say more?


8 thoughts on “Sometimes, it’s the little things

  1. I think women should be more encouraging to each other in general, rather than feeling like life is a competition! I love it when my girlfriends tell me, Nice work! Stay Strong! or You can do it!
    BTW, nice job on the HBBC points!

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