Sunday Funday!

Such a great Sunday! I definitely wasn’t as productive as I needed to be (which made my 4:30 AM alarm that much yuckier this morning), but it was a fun, relaxing day. 

I started off with a spin class which I thought was an hour, but ended up being 90 minutes. I don’t think I would have gone had I known it was 90 minutes. I am not a spin expert by any means, but I’m really glad I did it. My quads were on fire (and still are today), but it was a great way to start a Sunday morning. 

Then I did some lesson planning (aka read a graphic novel version of The Odyssey so that I could actually write the lesson plan) while listening to Christmas music!! ‘Tis officially the season. Although I started listening on November 1. No shame. Image

And then it was time for Sunday dinner! We’ve done a couple with our friends from down the street, but this was our first time hosting. Emily and I made spinach lasagna roll ups (recipe: which were super easy and fun to make. Here’s an action shot:




We also had Eat Live Run’s kale salad (one of my favorites to start off Image

To help me squeeze in some servings of veggies for HBBC. And then some not at all healthy garlic bread


which we snacked on while waiting for the main dish to be ready! I ate mine with some leftover brussel sprouts from home to up my fruit/veggie total for the day to 7. 


And of course, no Sunday dinner is complete without dessert. Haley’s famous quote: “We’re cutting this into fifths, right?” Yes. Yes we are.



AND THEN WE WENT TO SEE CATCHING FIRE. So good it deserves it’s own post, but I’m scrambling for time since I had to spend most of the morning finishing the lesson plan I neglected to finish so that I could go spend 2.5 hours on the edge of my seat. SO WORTH IT



So happy Monday, friends!! I’m a little sleep deprived, but I’ll make it. (HBBC total for Sunday: 9.5 for spin, 1 freggies, 1 water, 1 Facebook = 12.5…my highest daily total so far! woo!)

Off to the Salem Witch Museum with the kiddos today!!!

It’s also the first day of Elf4Health, so I’ll be posting about that starting tonight. 

How was your Sunday? Productive or fun? Have you seen Catching Fire yet???



2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday!

  1. My Sunday morning was spent a big hungover from the night before, but then it was super productive – I cleaned our apartment from top to bottom and then packed up the car and drove “home” for Thanksgiving week.

    LOVED CATCHING FIRE. I’m re-reading the book now.. mainly because I can’t go see the movie every day hahaha. Wish we didn’t have to wait for the next movie!

    • Ahh I need to clean my apartment so badly. I’m just mega procrastinating on it. But cleaning is such a good hungover activity! Productive without requiring too much brainpower.

      AND THE MOVIE WAS SO GOOD. I’m already making plans to see it again this week 🙂 I just can’t resist! Re reading the book is gonna have to be on my agenda soon, too.

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