Elf4Health Day 1 – Meatless Monday

Hello friends!

Today was Day 1 of Elf4Health with Lindsay (http://www.theleangreenbean.com/) and Elle (http://nutritionella.com/). (Side note: one of these days I will figure out how to do the fancy link-as-person’s-name-thing instead of having to put in the whole address. Baby steps). Meatless Monday! I actually go meatless lots of days because I’m slightly afraid of cooking meat, but today was actually kind of tricky because I had lots of meaty leftovers from home. 

But I did it! Breakfast was easy (green smoothie, PB and banana on an English muffin). I had leftover kale salad with lots and lots of chickpeas for lunch (plus an illegal almond granola bar…not being allowed to have nuts at school is actually the worst). Had cut up veggies, an apple, some graham crackers, and some Cinnamon flakes cereal for snacks (yes, I take lots of the free snacks from school). And then for dinner, sauteed some kale and brussel sprouts and had the last spinach/feta lasagna roll from last night. It looks disgusting in this picture, but it was really good!


So success for Day 1! And my Elf buddy (Lauren) is super sweet. She posted the most delicious looking grilled cheese-soup combo for her meatless lunch. Totally jealous.

The rest of the day was great, too! We went to Salem on a field trip, which was spooky and awesome. I somehow ended up leading the group through the first dungeon, and of course I screamed SO LOUD when a hand popped out at me. Which made all the kids scream. One of the other teachers was like, “WHO SCREAMED???” And I was like (gulp) “…me…?” Awkward. The kids loved the trip, though, and it was great to hear more about the history we learned in class. 


I went to the gym after work to do some treadmill funsies, and it was actually a pretty solid run. I went in thinking I would only do 3 miles, but I decided to go for 4. And then Timber came on, so I obviously had to keep running. Ended up doing 4.5 miles for the day, which is really good for me after work. Here’s my beautiful pic of the treadmill screen, and a super cute gym selfie. ImageImage

I try.

Definitely a good day overall! Here’s my Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge total for the day:

Fruits/veggies: 7-8 servings (1 point)

Water: LOTS (1 point)

Facebook: check! (1 point)

4.5 mile run: (4.5 points) 

So 7.5 for the day.

Tomorrow is my last day of school (work? I never know what to call it) before Thanksgiving break. WEEEEE!!!!

What song keeps you going during a workout? Do you have a go-to meatless Monday recipe?


2 thoughts on “Elf4Health Day 1 – Meatless Monday

  1. Love Salem – we took our kids there the year before we moved out of Mass (for work when the economy tanked in ’08).

    Loved the Emerson quote on Sara’s (lovingontherun) blog, btw.

    Good luck with the Elf challenge!

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