Thankful: A Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving is just the best. For me and my family, it’s a relaxed holiday when we just get to spend time together and be silly. No frills, no fuss, no stress. Just lots of stories and giggles and sweatpants.

It all started with the Gobble Wobble, my favorite race of the year. I love that the name just evokes the chill-ness of the event. It’s not a Turkey Trot; it’s a Gobble Wobble. Very low stress, very family centered, very fun. I was excited for our family to roll up and all take part in the race.


This was my 4th year doing this Gobble Wobble, and every other year I had run with a buddy. But this year, my friend Anne was in Scotland and my sister was hurt. My brother and my mom were both running the race, but we all decided to do our own thing. I thought I was in pretty good shape, and I wanted to see how fast I could race a 5K at my current fitness level. And it was great! I totally surprised myself and ran a time I never would have thought I was close to being able to run. I was the 6th overall female and 1st in my age group! Which isn’t super impressive considering how relaxed most people are about the race, but I was still psyched! Thankful for my health, for this race, and for a chance to prove to myself that I can still be good at running.


Since Stacie was asleep when we got home, we did awkward pair shots for family photos. Mom and Joey, me and mom, and me and Joey!



Yeah. My brother and I don’t smile when we’re in pictures together.

So it was a great start to the morning. My brother and my mom both ran great times, too, so we all felt good about the race! For me, I’m pumped because I feel like I can really dream big going into my 2nd marathon training cycle (post about those goals coming soon!) Thankful for a family who runs with me, bright yellow running shirts, and good running days.

Thanksgiving was so fun! We went to my cousin’s house and basically just lounged around. Things got vicious over a couple rounds of James Bond and Spoons, but don’t card games always turn into blood baths? Filled up on appetizers, but still made room for the main meal. Told stories about Mamma, my grandmother who died earlier this year. We were all doubled over in tears laughing at funny stories and looking at the crazy stuff she saved (like the cartoon clipping below). She was one of a kind, for sure, and it was sad and weird to not have her there. I’m thankful for a family who can miss someone in a way that brings us all happiness, because that’s really what we did yesterday. Also thankful for card games, delicious Thanksgiving food (which I forgot to take a picture of because I was so excited), and chocolate. 


I also gave my dad a call as part of the Elf4Health challenge of the day, so it was great to actually talk to him rather than sending a text (which, sadly, would have been my first instinct). 

Here are my HBBC totals for the last 2 days:

Wednesday: 3 points for freggies, water, Facebook, 6.5 points for 65 minutes of spinning (which kicked my butt!): 9.5

Thursday: 2 points for water, Facebook, 4 points for running (5K plus short warm up and cooldown): 6

How was your Thanksgiving? What silly and meaningful things are you thankful for?



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