Running + Pancakes = Best Stress Relief

I did not sleep well last night after being a little stressed from my accident, so I was up and at em at 5:30. A little delusional, but totally awake. 

I had a 5 mile easy run on the schedule for Marathon #2 training, and since today was supposed to be “warm” (real feel of 4 degrees! That’s above 0, wahoo!!) I ran outside. Here are the layers I wore on top. Clearly, I have no brand loyalty when it comes to cold weather gear. Sporting some Brooks, Asics, Nike, and Under Armor. (and who could forget my Target brand socks poking out at the bottom)



Confession: these are ALL the cold weather running tops I have. I have a 12 mile run on the schedule tomorrow, and our washing machine is broken. I may have hung these over a chair in my room. I didn’t sweat THAT much…


On a less disgusting and slightly more sophisticated note, I’ve been loving listening to podcasts on my outdoor runs lately. The reflective Brooks jacket has been my go-to since I’ve been doing a lot of pre 5 AM dark runs, and it has a pocket right on the front of the chest (which kind of gives my square boob, but life could be worse). I’ve been cranking the volume on my iPhone, slipping it in that pocket, and listening to This American Life and TED Radio Hour (both from NPR). They’re great because I feel like I learn something, but I can also zone in and out as my brain decides. I think they’d both be great shows for walking to and from class or work or for bus rides (which, lets be real, might become my new thing since the Yaris is on life support). 

I was STARVING when I got back, so I whipped up a slightly modified batch of Julie’s Egg White and Oatmeal Pancakes. I don’t add any Stevia or sweetener to the mix, mostly because I don’t have any. I wish I could say it was because I’m trying to be healthier, but I think the addition of syrup to the finished product may have negated that a little bit 🙂 Seriously, though, these pancakes are amazing. Pancakes are one of my favorite things, but eating the real kind always makes me feel so gross for the rest of the day. These have protein to keep me full, and they make the perfect serving for one person! They’re my go-to weekend breakfast, especially after a run. I top mine with peanut butter and syrup (because what pancakes without syrup??? Blasphemy, that’s what.)


I also had 2 GIANT mugs of green tea. It’s chilly out there!

The rest of my Saturday will be spent doing some blogging research, trying to figure out how I’ll get to and from work next week, and drinking lots and lots of tea! 

What are your plans for Saturday?

Any resources to recommend for new-to-blogging people like me?

Do you struggle with brand loyalty when it comes to cold weather gear?

Any fun songs or cute clips to keep the stress levels at bay?


4 thoughts on “Running + Pancakes = Best Stress Relief

  1. I love a good protein pancake, especially one that can be easily changed up and quick to throw together. I’m usually really hungry after a long run too and blend a quick smoothie. I have no brand loyalty either, especially when I’m always cold and need to wear layers. Happy to find your blog! Have a great day! 🙂

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