When the car gets smooshed…

And by gets smooshed, I mean when I rear end someone and do the smooshing. Whoops. Not quite the way I wanted to end my week.

The good news is everyone involved is OK (unless you can’t my frozen toes which almost fell off as I stood on the median on the Mass Pike waiting for the cops, but alas). Everyone’s got to have their first accident at some point, right? Cross your fingers for me that the Yaris comes out alive. It didn’t look good when it slunk away on the tow truck.

In an effort to be optimistic: the cop was super nice. We bonded over our depression that the Patriots are no longer in the playoffs. The tow truck guy was also pretty chill. I managed to get home all by myself from the mechanic shop! And I only slightly binged on chocolate in an effort to bring down my anxiety level. 

I did cry a little bit, but not until I got home, which is a HUGE accomplishment for me. And I feel like I can partially blame it on the sob-fest that was Parenthood this week. (Side note: not coming back until February 27? What is it with all of my TV shows?? How am I supposed to make it through February???)

My family was also so so nice. No one said “I told you so” or “you should be more careful.” It was all “accidents happen” and “you’ll be OK.” I’m super cranky with myself, but I do know it could have been a lot worse, and I’m lucky that the only damage was to my car. Things will work out. 

Hope everyone else had a slightly more relaxing Friday night! I’m excited to get out tomorrow morning for a run before calling the mechanic. Here’s to hoping the car makes it out alive!! 


4 thoughts on “When the car gets smooshed…

  1. At least you’re not hurt! And kudos to you for not crying until you got home – I would’ve been a sobbing mess as soon as the accident happened!
    Hopefully your car isn’t too damaged and will be ready to hit the road again soon 🙂

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