Weekly Eats and Workouts

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you are enjoying the last of your weekend.

My day yesterday was relatively relaxed. After lunch, I walked to the library to pick up some new books (Great ExpectationsThis LullabySaturday, and Angela’s Ashes if you were wondering!), and then I went with my siblings and my dad to the BU hockey game. We had bought my dad the tickets for Christmas, and after waffling a little bit about whether or not we should go, we decided to head in. So glad we did! The rink was so small compared to TD Garden, so we could really see the game. We also had quite a few beers between the 4 of us, which is always a good time. Here’s a lovely selfie of the sibs that we snapped at the game.Image

I was EXHAUSTED after the game. I hadn’t slept well the night before, and all I wanted to do was crash. After finishing of some ice cream, of course 🙂 Thanks Em!!



Today was my day to prep for the week. I got in my 12 mile long run, but I wimped out and did it on the treadmill. I just couldn’t get myself bundled up, knowing that I would be in the sub-zero temperatures for close to 2 hours. So I did 12 on the treadmill in 1:47, a little bit under 9 minute pace. 

Then I made a quick lunch with some leftovers: half a sweet potato, corn, red onion, kale, salsa, a hard-boiled egg, and some avocado. I love having a stove to make lunch on the weekends!



I then made the trek to Trader Joe’s on Boylston Street in Boston. Not having a car was actually good for my budget! I knew I couldn’t buy more than I could carry, so I had to be more careful. Always good!

Then it was time for Sunday food prep! I’m always inspired by Lindsay’s posts, but mine are a little less intense. Here’s what I made:



Gabby’s 2-ingredient sweet potato bites

Amanda’s soft and chewy protein granola bars

Green beans


Black beans

2 weeks ago, I made Jenna’s lentil and sweet potato soup and froze half, so I have that for dinners. I also have some frozen soup I made in the crock pot using Ashley’s 10 easy crock pot steps. Hooray!

Meal plan for the week:


Oatmeal, with some combination of banana, raisins, peanut butter, and shredded carrots as toppings

Green smoothies


Quinoa, black bean, veggie combo

Egg white scrambles with lots of veggies


Leftover soup with avocado and cheese added in


Sweet potato bites


Granola bars

Baby carrots with hummus


Monday – 5 mile run

Tuesday – 3 mile run

Wednesday – 6 mile run with 2 miles at goal marathon pace

Thursday – 3 miles easy

Friday – rest (maybe squeeze in a Runner’s World Yoga video when I get home)

Saturday – 5 miles easy; bodyweight strength training

Sunday – 14 miles LSD


That’s the plan! Tomorrow, I’m going to meet with the mechanic to start the process of dealing with my car. I honestly don’t really know what I’m hoping for. I’ll just have to see how it goes! 

Hope you all have a great week!


6 thoughts on “Weekly Eats and Workouts

  1. Yummy- PB cup ice cream =)
    Seriously, I admire you for doing your meal prep on the weekend! I’m great at planning out my breakfasts & lunches during the week, but by the time I get home and have to make dinner it’s something boring like chicken & greens.

  2. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    Great job with all the food prep!! That’s something I could be better about. And the treadmill is not my favorite either, but I’ve been thankful for it this winter with the crazy cold!

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