Race Plans (and dreams!)

I’ve never really planned out races for the year before. Last year was my first full calendar year running completely on my own. Up until then, most of my races were on my high school or college cross-country and track schedule.

It’s fun to plan on my own! It’s also more expensive, of course, which is why some of these might be dreams for the year. But hey, if they’re on my radar, maybe they’ll happen!

March 9 – Ocean’s Run Half in South Kingstown, RI

This one would be perfect timing! I have 13 miles on my schedule for marathon training that week, and it would be great to see if I’m on track to hit my 3:45 marathon goal at that point in my training. I’m holding off on registering, but I’m really hoping to do this one.

March 30 – Eastern States 20 miler starting in Portsmouth, NH and ending in Salisbury, MA

Another perfectly timed race for my marathon training! I think I have 22 miles on the docket for that Sunday, but I could easily do a 2-mile warm up before starting this race. I just found out about this one, and I REALLY want to register, but cost might be a factor.

April 27 – Spring Classic 5K in Cambridge, MA

This one actually isn’t great timing, but it’s on my birthday, and my whole family might do it together! How fun would that be?? I would probably do my last long run before my marathon on Saturday and use this Sunday as just an easy shake out day.

May 4 – Cox Providence Marathon in Providence, RI

This is my goal race for the spring! It’s the only thing I’m already registered for. My A goal: under 3:45. B goal: under 3:50. C goal: under 4 hours. I’ve only run one marathon before, and while I’ll have to PR by a lot to hit my goals, this course is pretty flat. The course I ran last year was basically through the mountains of Vermont. I’m also following a more structured training plan. I’m super psyched for this!

May 25 – Boston’s Run to Remember Half marathon in Boston, MA

This is a great half! I’ve done it once before. I wasn’t planning on doing this one. This will be my mom’s first half marathon, and my sister was supposed to run it, but we realized right after she registered that it’s the day after her graduation. Needless to say, she will not be in any state to run 13.1 miles on Sunday morning 🙂 So I’ll take her number and run with my mom! There won’t be any time pressure on me, which is good because I’ll just be coming out of marathon recovery.

June 8th – The Heartbreak Hill Half in Newton, MA

This one probably won’t happen, but how cool!! It’s right near my apartment, it’s hosted by Runner’s World, and it’s probably just going to be an awesome weekend. I wouldn’t be able to go for a PR (too close to marathon training), but it’s still on my wish list!

October 5th – Leaf Peepers Half in Waterbury, VT

A fall foliage half!! How cool! I think this would be a fun target fall race.

November – Philadelphia Marathon in Philadelphia, PA

Maybe an F&M reunion?? Who knows! If my spring marathon goes well and travel works out, this might be the race where I go for a Boston qualifying time. Dream big, right?

Thanksgiving – The Gobble Wobble in Southboro, MA

This race will always have a very special place in my heart. Love running it every Thanksgiving with my family! This past year, I ran my fastest 5K time in a while. If I end up running the Philly full, I have a feeling I’d be hobbling through the 5K this year, but I know I would still love it.

So that’s obviously A LOT of races. I know I won’t be able to do all of them, but hopefully lots of them will fall into place. And I’ll probably add something in the summer, but I don’t want to worry about running a longer race in super humid yuckiness. Maybe I’ll look into an 8K or a 10K since I don’t have any of those on my wishlist.

What races are you signed up for? Will I see you at any of these? Anything I should consider adding to my list?


3 thoughts on “Race Plans (and dreams!)

  1. hannahwritesaboutstuff says:

    You won’t be seeing me at any of these, but you best believe I’ll be cheering for you wherever I happen to be!

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