Thinking Out Loud

Today, I am linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons for my first ever Thinking Out Loud Thursday.


As a new blogger trying to figure out what I like to write about, this is perfect. I love reading these posts from other bloggers (Becky at Olives n Wine usually jumps in, and sometimes Morganne at Nut Butter Runner and Amy at The Little Honey Bee do, too), and this will give me a chance to try out a bunch of random ideas and see what flows the best.

So, the things I’m thinking (in no particular order);

  • Country music is really working for me right now. I used to hate it, but ever since spending a summer in Tulsa a couple of years ago, I’ve gotten more and more into it. I eased myself in with some pop country, like Lady Antebellum and Taylor Swift, but it wasn’t until Luke Bryan that I truly considered myself a country fan. “Drunk on You” will always bring me back to those fun nights in Tulsa with a group of random college kids from around the country. Currently jamming to “Play It Again” basically all the time. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous.
  • Image
  • But I don’t like listening to country  music while I run. Maybe it’s all the talk about drinking, which, as I hope you know, don’t mix very well.
  • Songza has been saving my butt recently on my runs. If you haven’t checked out Songza yet, you need to. It’s a free app on the iPhone, and they have the best playlists. I’m super lame and prefer most of the Today’s Pop stations (ranging from Today’s Teen Pop to Today’s Soft Pop to Today’s Happy Pop), but if you have a more eclectic taste, they’ve got some crazy stuff for you, too.
  • Songza powered me through a pretty decent treadmill run today. I got in 6 miles, 2 at goal marathon pace, and the Drop a Beat workout helped it go a little bit faster.
  • I didn’t feel great on my run, mostly because I ate way too much sugar at our weekly PD meeting. So many treats! In the moment, it’s easy to say “Wednesdays don’t count” (since that’s when our weekly snack sessions are), but I know that everything “counts.” I’m starting to seriously consider some sort of sugar craving detox. I know Laura at Mommy Run Fast hosts one, but I just can’t get myself to commit to going without chocolate, even though I know I eat waaaayyy too much of it.
  • So many books turned into movies happening this year. The Fault in Our Stars trailer came out today and OH MY GOD, WAS IT PERFECT 
  • (side thought: I re read a couple of my posts and realized that I overuse all caps and exclamation points. I’m trying to calm down because I’m not an overly peppy person. But TFIOS deserves all the caps all the time. Please watch the trailer, and if you haven’t read the book, do nothing else until you have. John Green is a god.)
  • Speaking of John Green being a God, he is one of my favorite quote masters. I love quotes. I have a bunch of them tacked up on my bulletin board from books. Some of them I like for obvious reasons. Some of them I don’t really understand, but for whatever reason, I keep going back to them. Always looking to collect some good quotes.
  • Here’s a great one from John Green: “True love will triumph in the end, which may or may not be true. But if it’s a lie, it’s the most beautiful lie we have.”
  • And what better way to end than that? I mean, seriously, I can’t beat it. Hopefully, I was able to reel in my abuse of exclamation points and all caps. Thanks for reading!

What are you thinking this Thursday?


12 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. Hi Hunnie! I am so happy you stopped by my blog today. It was fun popping over & getting a look at yours as well. I’m excited to become a regular reader of yours! Wishing you a fantastic day xoxo

  2. I’ve never seen Thinking Out Loud Thursday- what a great idea to get all our random thoughts out!
    I love love love Luke Bryan. I wasn’t a country fan either, until last summer. I even went to a Luke Bryan concert with my roommate in August 🙂 Play it Again is such a great song, but I can always listen to Country Girl (Shake It For Me).

  3. The Fault in Our Stars absolutely deserves all the caps all the time! I cannot wait to see this movie.. and I’m definitely re-reading the book before then. I loved it so much the first time around, but you always find new things to love when you read a book for the second (or third or fourth) time. And I’m 100% with you on the quotes. I have a whole notebook full of them, and I wrote down quite a few during each John Green book I’ve read.

  4. Reading someone’s random thoughts is my favourite way to get to know them, so thanks for sharing yours, Alexis! I’ve been dying to watch TFIOS trailer, but I’m travelling right now and none of the places that I’ve been able to get free Wifi have been able to load it. Gah! Good thing I’m going home soon — that book was one of my favourites!

    Happy Thursday, girl!

    • Yay, thank you so much for visiting! You’re one of my blog idols, so it means a lot that you stopped by. I’ve been making AT LEAST one batch of your protein granola bars every week since you posted the recipe 🙂 Hope you had a great time on your trip!

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