Sunday Food Prep #3

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!

I did most of my food prep last night. I was home with my mom, so we cooked together and ended up splitting a bunch of the recipes, which is awesome, because I could cook more than one thing without feeling like I was going to waste food. Hooray variety!Image

PB&J oatmeal cups from The Little Honeybee

Roasted veggies using What’s Gaby Cooking tips

Quinoa veggie “fried” rice from Damn Delicious

Some extra quinoa for last minute meals

Not pictured: Crock pot sweet potato turkey chili from Iowa Girl Eats, sliced bell peppers for snacks, some leftover rotisserie chicken, greens for salads

Lots of snacks for me this week! I’m bringing some of the quinoa fried rice to our Super Bowl potluck. I’ll also make some kale salad (recipe from Eat Live Run) to add some extra veggies to the mix. And I’ll splurge on some not-so-healthy guacamole and something chocolate-y for dessert, obviously.

I got in my Sunday long run before 9 am. 14 miles! First time I’ve done over 13 miles since I ran that half-marathon way back in September, so it’s fun to see that mileage tick back up. And I squeezed in just under 2 hours.


Before the Super Bowl, I’ll be doing some blog posts for the week, some lesson prep for school, and some boring bill stuff. And I will spend all day in my yoga pants. Good day.

Did you meal prep this week? Any thoughts on the Super Bowl? (now that the Patriots aren’t in it, I’m not super invested. I guess I’ll say go Seahawks…?)


4 thoughts on “Sunday Food Prep #3

  1. Clicked on the PB&J oatmeal cups, but it went to the quinoa veggie “fried” rice instead.. can you give me the link? They sound so delicious! Good job meal prepping.. everything looks awesome!

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