February Resolutions



I know it’s not February 1 anymore, and I know resolutions are a New Year’s thing, but after reading The Happiness Project, I’ve decided to set a few resolutions monthly. Some of these are rolled over from January because I liked them; some are new. These are all relatively attainable resolutions. Nothing too far out of my comfort zone. I’m very squeezed for time these days. Being at school from 6:30am to 6pm, lengthening my commute by an hour or so everyday because I totaled my car, and fitting in marathon training doesn’t leave a ton of room to do anything crazy. But I think these are all little things that I can try to do most days to feel happier and healthier.

February Resolutions

1. Follow my marathon plan

My mom bought me a Runners’ World marathon plan to help me meet my sub-3:45 goal. By “follow,” I don’t necessarily mean do exactly what the plan says each day. It’s a lot easier for me to fit in longer midweek runs on Wednesday than any other day because I get out from school a little early, so I generally shift things around. As long as I’m getting all the workouts in, I consider that “following the plan.” It’s been working for me so far, and I love that it eliminates the guess work out of what I need to do each day.

2. Write down all runs and workouts daily in my running log

I have historically been terrible about tracking workouts. I never wrote anything down in high school or college because I always had a coach telling me what to do, so I felt no need to write it down. Now that I’m doing my own thing, though, I want to keep track so I can see what works for my body. It’s also fun to see the mileage add up, not gonna lie.


(and yes, I did have to do some math on the side. Mental math not quite what it used to be, sadly.)

3. Eat 6+ servings of fruits and veggies daily

I do this most days, especially since I’ve started following other healthy bloggers and pulling inspiration from them. Starting the day with a green smoothie helps A LOT because I can squeeze in 2-3 servings before even leaving my apartment. Some days I’m up near 8 or 9 servings, but there are also days when I only hit 3. I’m doing my best to make this a given day-by-day, but until that happens, I’ll keep the resolution on my tracker so I’m at least forced to think about it everyday.

4. Blog consistently

I really do love this blog. Even though it’s small and tiny and kind of ugly looking, I love having the opportunity to write in a semi-structured place. I also love connecting with other people who are trying to be healthy, who are running, who love reading, and who are generally just cool. I do want to increase my traffic, but for now, the best way for me to do that is to just keep posting. So I want to post almost everyday. Every day on my resolution chart will have a check box for posting. It won’t happen everyday, but if I set myself a number like 4 or 5 posts a week, I have a feeling I’ll give myself excuses to post less. So I’m striving for everyday just to put the challenge out there.


5. Yoga everyday…even if it’s just one sun salutation

I love yoga. I wish I had time to do a 90 minute class everyday. Or even a Runners’ World video (they’re AWESOME and free, which just makes them more awesome). But I don’t. So my goal is to just get on my mat everyday, just to stretch a little bit and go through the motions. This one will probably be the hardest for me to keep up with. But fingers crossed it works out!

6. Dance!

I love to dance. I’m not very good at it, but it’s so fun. I always feel better after dancing. So even if I just jam out by myself when I wake up at 4:15am or if I can break it down with my kiddos at school, I just want to add a little happiness to my days.

Do you have any resolutions for this month? Still hanging on to any New Years’ resolutions? Any idea for me for future months?


6 thoughts on “February Resolutions

  1. These are great goals! Good for you for aiming for a 3:45 or lower! I couldn’t even DREAM of running that fast, haha. And the blogging resolution is awesome too! What helps me is to have a blog calendar where I can kind of jot down ideas for different days. Then, if I get another strike of inspiration, I can write about something else, but if I don’t, I already have a topic lined up. Helps me!

  2. I really like the idea of setting goals monthly.. there’s a much better chance of sticking to it when you’re revisiting every 4 weeks. Your goals are great because you have some fun ones in there! My resolutions are about eating out (obviously), but I also want to make sure I work out at least 4 days a week. I really slacked off at the beginning of January, but I’ve been doing better with getting my butt in gear lately!

  3. Nice resolutions! Esp 3 and 4. I’m great about eating tons of fruit, but not so much with veggies – I average 1 serving of veggies a day…fail.
    I seem to have lost my motivation somewhere for regularly blogging, hopefully I’ll find it again soon. In the meantime I’ll be reading all your posts 🙂

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