Treat Yourself Tuesday 3

Thanks so much for your comments on my resolutions post yesterday! It’s great to read what other people are trying to do in February. I had a One Direction dance party last night that made my whole day better, and I started the day with 2 sun salutations. I’m on the right track so far!

Today, I’m linking up with Becky for another Treat Yourself Tuesday


Per usual, my treats are snack and/or book related. Hooray sugar and teen lit!

I re-read This Lullaby this weekend to de-stress. Nothing like picking up a book you know you love when you need a little mood booster. Sarah Dessen can do no wrong, but this is one of my favorites of hers (along with The Truth About Forever and Just Listen).

this lullaby

I went home on Saturday, which meant lots of treats from Mom. We went to lunch at Not Your Average Joe’s. Their bread is so so good. Then I got to do my laundry for free! If that’s not a treat, I don’t know what is.

Super Bowl Sunday meant LOTS OF SNACKS. Before we even left, Emily let me dig in to some funfetti cake. We couldn’t wait for the cake to cool enough to actually put the frosting on top of it. Whoops.

photo (21)

I tried not to go overboard on the unhealthy snacks at our potluck, but I did snag quite a few yummy things.

Look at us eating veggies! (and guac…and buffalo chicken dip…)

photo 2 (4)

These beauties below are not your typical chocolate covered strawberries. Oh no. Emily stuffed them with funfetti cake mixed with frosting, THEN dipped them in chocolate. YUM.

photo 3 (4)

And finally, a throwback to sophomore year of college. I don’t know any of these boys, but they are all adorable and this song is awesome. You’re welcome.

How did you treat yourself this week? Anything I should consider that doesn’t involve copious amounts of sugar? No? That’s what I thought, too 🙂


14 thoughts on “Treat Yourself Tuesday 3

  1. I love that you started off the day with a couple of sun salutations! I love doing that. 🙂 And I also love funfetti!
    This week I’m going to treat myself to a new outfit to wear on our vacation. I’m going to Florida this weekend and I cannot wait to get out of this cold!

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