Thinking Out Loud 5

I’m linking up with Amanda for another Thinking Out Loud post today!


Can I be honest? I don’t know if this is my 4th or 5th Thinking Out Loud…and I was too lazy to check. So I figured 5 was better safe than sorry.

I have lots of random thoughts rolling through my brain, so let’s see what happens!

  1. Someone hacked my Pinterest account? Like, whaaaaat?? What a random thing to hack. All they did (as far as I can tell) is add a few weird boards that were easy to delete, and Pinterest totally had my back. They made me change my password TWICE to be safe. Seriously, though. While I love my pins, I can’t imagine anyone else thinking they’re that exciting. Should I be weirdly flattered, or totally creeped out? Hard to tell.
  2. I was at the doctor for 2 hours yesterday, mostly just sitting waiting to get checked in. And I wanted to be mad. I really did. But I always feel like it’s not really anyone’s fault, ya know? Plus, my new doctor was super nice, and it was raining outside anyway, so might as well chill in the waiting room with a book. (Side note: peeing in a cup is HARD. TMI, I’m sure. But seriously, I don’t understand. They don’t randomly drug test you when you run D3 cross country, that’s for sure. Not enough practice, that’s what I’m telling myself).
  3. Any book recommendations for me? I’m always looking for more 🙂 Just finished re-reading Once a Runner, which simultaneously makes me remember why I love to run and also feel like an inadequate failure. There’s a chapter in the book where the main character runs 3 sets of 20 400s. 3 SETS!! WTF. Weird, but awesome. If you’re at all into distance running, you should check it out.
  4. I can’t wait until the end of the month so that I can write another monthly book recap. I’ve read some good ones, friends.
  5. I just went through 6 matches trying to light a candle. Struggle bus.
  6. What is the difference between steel cut oats and regular oatmeal? Besides the fact that it takes way longer to cook steel cut oats? Is it worth branching out, or should I stick to my easy, familiar oats?
  7. Some quotes I’m loving lately:
    Don’t let the great be the enemy of the good.
    You cannot always have happiness, but you can always give happiness.
    Our days are happier when we give a little bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind.
    “You don’t have to be born beautiful to be wildly attractive.” – Diana Vreeland
  8. You should check out The Skimm if you don’t already. It’s a great news service that sends you email updates of important news stories around the world. It’s great for me because I WANT to be informed, but I’m lazier than I care to admit when it comes to actually, you know, being informed. Plus, it’s funny!
  9. I’m on a mega middle school music throwback kick right now. Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, Third Eye Blind. Can’t get enough.
  10. But obviously, that quasi-emo is balanced out by plenty of One Direction, High School Musical, Hunter Hayes, and Jason Mraz. You gotta do what you gotta do, ya know?

What are you thinking lately? Do you struggle with matches, or is that only me? What did you listen to in middle school?


23 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud 5

  1. i subscribe to skimm and read it every morning. I am actually really intrigued to know what the difference is between steel cut and oatmeal. so let us know. have you read Sisterland? or Prep? Both I read last month and liked.

  2. I just finished a book called Red Rising by Pierce Brown, and if you’re into books like The Hunger Games, then I definitely recommend checking it out! As for the difference between the oats… it’s mostly a texture thing. Steel cut oats are chewier, whereas regular oats are a bit more creamy. Oh, and steel cut are supposedly supposed to keep you fuller longer, but I’m not sure if that’s actually true…

  3. Seriously, who hacks a Pinterest account? Kinda funny- but good thing it wasn’t a more important account like for your bank or something.
    Good quote by Diana Vreeland!
    I was a BSB fan in middle school, but have a couple Yellowcard songs I like. And I guess I was late to the party for Fall Out Boy, I didn’t know about them until High School :p

  4. “Struggle bus” may be my new favorite saying. And yes I struggle with matches. And lighters. I should probably not play with fire at all.

    In middle school I listened to GnR, Metallica, The Beatles…and then I rounded it out with some crap too like Spindoctors and New Kids on the Block!

  5. I’ve made steel cut oats twice – both times were cinnamon & apple recipes and were so tasty! I like that you can make them in the crockpot because anything made in the crockpot is super easy and automatically tastes great (in my opinion).

    Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been reading!

  6. Who the heck hacks a pinterest account?!?! That’s so crazy! Glad you caught it and were able to get rid of the pins. Looks like that book was really good! Love to read.

  7. I know I know! Regular oats (rolled oats) are just a specific part of the oat. It’s like difference between white, refined flour and whole wheat – you get the entire grain, and not just the fluffy, nutritionless part in the middle. Plus, the texture is awesome. Definitely look into steel-cut.

    • whoops, I just double-checked and that isn’t true. Both rolled and steel-cut contain the entire grain, rolled oats are just processed more and they digest faster, so your blood sugar can spike. The texture is definitely better (in my opinion) with steel cut, though! xox

      • I made a batch this week in the crockpot. I do like the texture a lot! I won’t be forever getting rid of my rolled oats mostly because they’re way easier, but steel cut is definitely delicious. Thanks for the research 🙂

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