Prepare for the Random

I’m talking to you, not me.

This blog is going to be just a tad sporadic and all over the place this week. Why? I did absolutely no writing or prepping this weekend.

I was not exceptionally busy. I was kind of still recovering from my stomach bug, but I was by no means totally out of it. I just didn’t want to, I guess.

Here are some things I did do this weekend:

  • A 4 mile run on Saturday that felt ok, and a 10 mile run on Sunday when I finally felt back to normal (side note: my step back week came at the PERFECT time. I didn’t feel so bad about missing runs while sick because I was supposed to be decreasing the mileage for the week anyway. This week I’ll be right back up there!)
  • I went to my sister’s field hockey banquet 
  • I finished The Light Between Oceans and My Life (so far) Without a Date
  • My apartment hosted our monthly book club
  • I wrote a long overdue letter to a friend
  • A couple of short yoga sequences

Things I did not do:

  • Grocery shop
  • Laundry
  • Blog
  • Meal prep

So yeah, it’s gonna be one of those weeks. I will be scrambling a little bit, almost exclusively because I just didn’t feel like doing anything that productive this weekend. Can’t say I regret it. 

Here’s a quote to get you thinking:

Humility is not about thinking less of yourself; it’s about thinking of yourself less. 

Got any good quotes for me? Were you more productive than I was this weekend?

Soooo it’s going to be one of those weeks. 


Why I Won’t Say “10 marathons before 30”

I love setting goals. I have a 30 before 30 list (which isn’t complete, but it’s a note I frequently open on my phone), I’m setting monthly resolutions this year, and I love to think about my future.

I also love to run (hence the name of the blog…). I’ve run one marathon and I’m training for my second with hopes of running my third this fall.

So why won’t I set a concrete marathon goal for myself? Why not say 10 marathons before 30?

Because I have no idea where I’ll be by the time I’m 30. I’m loving marathons right now, but I also know I have the brittlest (is that a word?) of shins. And I know that I’m itching to crack other times. Sub-1:40 in a half and sub-20 in a 5K jump to mind immediately. I also love yoga. I feel like I should get into lifting. Maybe I’ll want to do a triathlon someday. Someday very far in the future because I am terrified of bikes, but I digress.

The point is, I don’t want to burn out again. I remember what it feels like to hate running. And it sucked. For a core part of my identity (and yes, I do consider “a runner” to be one of the first ways to define myself) to be challenged in that way was scary. In college, the break from running was all I needed to come back to it, but I would rather not go through that again.

And maybe this is a little melodramatic, and maybe I could say “10 before 30” as a 22 year old and change my mind by 25. But when it comes to running, I like to keep the door wide open. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up running 20 marathons before 30. Or maybe I’ll stop at 2.

As long as I’m running for me, though, and as long as it’s fun, I’m happy. And that’s why I’m not ready to commit to long term number goals. We’ll just see where my sneaks take me.

run happy

Thinking Out Loud 2

Happy Thursday, friends!

I’m linking up with Amanda for another Thinking Out Loud. Check out the other people who link up with her! It’s a great way to get inside someone’s head. Random thoughts are the best.

I’ll number mine because I can.

1. Dexter from This Lullaby is precious. I am a huge Sarah Dessen fan, but for some reason, I hadn’t saved my copy of This Lullaby when I went through a giant cleanse of YA/kid lit books a few years ago. I just borrowed it from the library to have on hand for emergency stress-relief reading, and damn was it good.


2. I am in love with many a fictional man. Dexter is near the top right now, but Wes from The Truth About Forever will always be my #1 Dessen man. I also love Kevin from 27 Dresses, Ben from Parks and Rec, Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights, Marcus from Sloppy Firsts, Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights, Drew from Parenthood. And those are just the ones that pop to mind immediately. Sigh.

PicMonkey Collage

3. Random transition from swoon-fest. I’m digging this quote right now: “It’s always better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb than the top of one you don’t.” I’ve been feeling frustrated and kind of unchallenged at work lately, but I know that in the end, I’m in the right field for me and I have the potential to climb. Remembering that will keep me going for the next few weeks, I hope.

4. Let’s throw in another quote, since I love them so much! (Side thought: I might have to make a page for my favorite quotes. I don’t have nearly enough pages. I think?) We’ll go with one from Amy Poehler: “No one looks stupid when they’re having fun.” A good reminder to go back to my dancing resolution for the month! Rock out to this one if you need a mood booster.

5. I pulled that song from a Spotify playlist called “Going Out” that I made in college. It is quite the eclectic mix. Some other gems: Blow by Ke$ha, Baby by the Biebs, Hot in Herre by Nelly, Juliet by LMNT, She Wolf by Shakira. Wahoooo take me back.

6. Stomach bugs are the worst. I had a snow day yesterday, but I stayed in bed all day because of a nasty virus going around school. The biggest perk: I watched all three High School Musicals. They’re awesome.

That’s it for me! Hope you’re having a great week!

The Liebster Award!

Happy Wednesday! Love Wednesdays. I’m really a firm believer in the power of Hump day, ya know?

And today is an extra special Wednesday on my little blog because Amber at PB & PRs has nominated me for The Liebster! I was so happy and flattered when I got a little shout out at the end of her blog. Amber is SO fast and so cool and so lovely, so definitely check out her blog.


The Liebster award is neat because it’s targeted to smaller blogs (fewer than 200 followers). It’s a great way for people to find other blogs out there. I know I’ll be checking out a few more! I already added Run Salt Run to my reader just from poking around the award trail.

These are the rules for the award:

  • Acknowledge the nominating blogger
  • Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you
  • List 11 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate some bloggers with fewer than 200 followers that you feel could use some blogging love!
  • Let all of the bloggers know you’ve nominated them. You cannot nominate the blogger that nominated you.
  • Post 11 questions for the bloggers you’ve nominated.

Here are Amber’s questions for me:

  1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
    I hate when people scrape their teeth against their spoon or fork. It drives me up a wall, but I feel like I can never tell people to stop (unless it’s my sister). It’s an oddly specific annoyance that for some reason doesn’t seem to affect anyone else!
  2. What’s something you never leave the house without?
    Hand lotion during these winter months. I have horribly dry skin, and I pee all the time, so I’m constantly washing my hands. My hands crack and bleed if I go even a few hours without some lotion, so I always double check my bag to make sure I have it.
  3. What’s your favorite meal to make?
    I’m a huge fan of crock pot meals. I also love making oatmeal creations. I’d love to do more intensive/actual cooking if I had a little more time. Someday down the road, maybe!
  4. Why did you start running?
    I just loved it. I ran the mile for the first time in 4th grade, and I never really looked back. I joined my middle school cross country team as early as I could. I ran competitively for 10 years after that (with a one year hiatus), and now I’m figuring out how to run on my own.
  5. What was your favorite vacation you’ve taken?
    We never did big family vacations, and I honestly hate traveling. But I do have a couple of really close friends who live in California, so it’s always great to visit them.
  6. What’s your day job?
    I’m a 5th and 6th grade reading and social studies associate teacher, which is basically a student teaching program. LOVE my kiddos, and I’m crossing my fingers for my own classroom come fall!
  7. If you moved to another country, which one would it be?
    Hmmmm I haven’t been too many places, so I’m not really sure. Not anywhere too different, probably. I do love hockey, so maybe Canada? I’ve also always been very intrigued by Switzerland for some reason.
  8. Do you prefer the beach, or the mountains?
    I think the beach is OK for an afternoon, but for a long trip, I’d definitely pick the mountains.
  9. What’s your favorite quote?
    I LOVE quotes, but this one is my all-time favorite.

    “The roses under my window make no reference to former roses or better ones; they are what they are; they exist with God today. There is no time to them. There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence.”

  10. What’s your favorite book?
    HARDEST QUESTION EVER. I love to read, and I have so many different favorites. But when forced to choose, I will always say the Sloppy Firsts series by Meg McCafferty. (and no, you can’t make me pick one of the books from the series).
  11. Do you collect anything? If so, what?
    Nothing too weird. I did collect the 50 state quarters when I was a kid, and I still have them all. Also, books.

11 random facts about me:

  1.  I love it when I see my birthday time on the clock. And no, that’s not the time I was born. I was born on April 27, so whenever I see 4:27, I get irrationally excited.
  2.  My college mascot is the Diplomats. (Franklin & Marshall College…Ben Franklin and John Marshall…GET IT???)
  3. My favorite song is You and I Both by Jason Mraz
  4.  I love Chapstick.
  5.  Before totaling my car a couple of weeks ago, I had never been in a fender bender or gotten a ticket. Alas.
  6.  I went to summer camp for 8 years as a kid, and it is one of my very favorite life experiences. Camp Hayward will always have a very special place in my heart.
  7.  My initials spell ART! (which I always felt the need to tell my art teachers)
  8. I played the flute for 11 years. I stopped playing in the spring when I graduated. I kind of miss it, kind of don’t. Maybe I’ll pick it up again someday.
  9.  I was in a sorority in college, which was a great way for me to make friends and branch out. I don’t feel a whole lot of identity with the national Kappa Delta sorority, but I made some of my best college friends through the experience.
  10.  I love chick flicks. My favorite movie is 27 Dresses, but I love them all! The remake of Footloose, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, High School Musical, She’s the Man. I could go on.
  11.  Celebrity crushes: Usher, Zac Efron, Orlando Bloom, Justin Timberlake. Among others.

I have 3 nominations: My friends Taylor at Taste of Taylor and Hannah at Hannah Writes About Stuff. They are both getting their masters in Public Health, so they have lots of healthy living tips! And finally, Taryn at Peace and Pizza. I consider her one of my first blogging friends!

My questions for you lovelies:

  1. What is your favorite memory from high school?
  2. What’s your go-to guilty pleasure song?
  3. If you could do anything for a year, with no concerns about money or upsetting your career path, what would you do?
  4. Did you ever keep a journal? What did you write about it in it?
  5. Is there a book that you re-read every year?
  6. What trait do you most admire in other people?
  7. Is there a college class you never got to take but wish you did?
  8. If you had $1000 to spend on random stuff (it can’t be practical!!), what would you buy?
  9. Favorite pizza toppings?
  10. Favorite Pinterest recipe you’ve tried?
  11. What do you do when you’re having a bad day?

Thanks again, Amber! You da cutest 🙂

Treat Yourself Tuesday 3

Thanks so much for your comments on my resolutions post yesterday! It’s great to read what other people are trying to do in February. I had a One Direction dance party last night that made my whole day better, and I started the day with 2 sun salutations. I’m on the right track so far!

Today, I’m linking up with Becky for another Treat Yourself Tuesday


Per usual, my treats are snack and/or book related. Hooray sugar and teen lit!

I re-read This Lullaby this weekend to de-stress. Nothing like picking up a book you know you love when you need a little mood booster. Sarah Dessen can do no wrong, but this is one of my favorites of hers (along with The Truth About Forever and Just Listen).

this lullaby

I went home on Saturday, which meant lots of treats from Mom. We went to lunch at Not Your Average Joe’s. Their bread is so so good. Then I got to do my laundry for free! If that’s not a treat, I don’t know what is.

Super Bowl Sunday meant LOTS OF SNACKS. Before we even left, Emily let me dig in to some funfetti cake. We couldn’t wait for the cake to cool enough to actually put the frosting on top of it. Whoops.

photo (21)

I tried not to go overboard on the unhealthy snacks at our potluck, but I did snag quite a few yummy things.

Look at us eating veggies! (and guac…and buffalo chicken dip…)

photo 2 (4)

These beauties below are not your typical chocolate covered strawberries. Oh no. Emily stuffed them with funfetti cake mixed with frosting, THEN dipped them in chocolate. YUM.

photo 3 (4)

And finally, a throwback to sophomore year of college. I don’t know any of these boys, but they are all adorable and this song is awesome. You’re welcome.

How did you treat yourself this week? Anything I should consider that doesn’t involve copious amounts of sugar? No? That’s what I thought, too 🙂

February Resolutions



I know it’s not February 1 anymore, and I know resolutions are a New Year’s thing, but after reading The Happiness Project, I’ve decided to set a few resolutions monthly. Some of these are rolled over from January because I liked them; some are new. These are all relatively attainable resolutions. Nothing too far out of my comfort zone. I’m very squeezed for time these days. Being at school from 6:30am to 6pm, lengthening my commute by an hour or so everyday because I totaled my car, and fitting in marathon training doesn’t leave a ton of room to do anything crazy. But I think these are all little things that I can try to do most days to feel happier and healthier.

February Resolutions

1. Follow my marathon plan

My mom bought me a Runners’ World marathon plan to help me meet my sub-3:45 goal. By “follow,” I don’t necessarily mean do exactly what the plan says each day. It’s a lot easier for me to fit in longer midweek runs on Wednesday than any other day because I get out from school a little early, so I generally shift things around. As long as I’m getting all the workouts in, I consider that “following the plan.” It’s been working for me so far, and I love that it eliminates the guess work out of what I need to do each day.

2. Write down all runs and workouts daily in my running log

I have historically been terrible about tracking workouts. I never wrote anything down in high school or college because I always had a coach telling me what to do, so I felt no need to write it down. Now that I’m doing my own thing, though, I want to keep track so I can see what works for my body. It’s also fun to see the mileage add up, not gonna lie.


(and yes, I did have to do some math on the side. Mental math not quite what it used to be, sadly.)

3. Eat 6+ servings of fruits and veggies daily

I do this most days, especially since I’ve started following other healthy bloggers and pulling inspiration from them. Starting the day with a green smoothie helps A LOT because I can squeeze in 2-3 servings before even leaving my apartment. Some days I’m up near 8 or 9 servings, but there are also days when I only hit 3. I’m doing my best to make this a given day-by-day, but until that happens, I’ll keep the resolution on my tracker so I’m at least forced to think about it everyday.

4. Blog consistently

I really do love this blog. Even though it’s small and tiny and kind of ugly looking, I love having the opportunity to write in a semi-structured place. I also love connecting with other people who are trying to be healthy, who are running, who love reading, and who are generally just cool. I do want to increase my traffic, but for now, the best way for me to do that is to just keep posting. So I want to post almost everyday. Every day on my resolution chart will have a check box for posting. It won’t happen everyday, but if I set myself a number like 4 or 5 posts a week, I have a feeling I’ll give myself excuses to post less. So I’m striving for everyday just to put the challenge out there.


5. Yoga everyday…even if it’s just one sun salutation

I love yoga. I wish I had time to do a 90 minute class everyday. Or even a Runners’ World video (they’re AWESOME and free, which just makes them more awesome). But I don’t. So my goal is to just get on my mat everyday, just to stretch a little bit and go through the motions. This one will probably be the hardest for me to keep up with. But fingers crossed it works out!

6. Dance!

I love to dance. I’m not very good at it, but it’s so fun. I always feel better after dancing. So even if I just jam out by myself when I wake up at 4:15am or if I can break it down with my kiddos at school, I just want to add a little happiness to my days.

Do you have any resolutions for this month? Still hanging on to any New Years’ resolutions? Any idea for me for future months?

Sunday Food Prep #3

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!

I did most of my food prep last night. I was home with my mom, so we cooked together and ended up splitting a bunch of the recipes, which is awesome, because I could cook more than one thing without feeling like I was going to waste food. Hooray variety!Image

PB&J oatmeal cups from The Little Honeybee

Roasted veggies using What’s Gaby Cooking tips

Quinoa veggie “fried” rice from Damn Delicious

Some extra quinoa for last minute meals

Not pictured: Crock pot sweet potato turkey chili from Iowa Girl Eats, sliced bell peppers for snacks, some leftover rotisserie chicken, greens for salads

Lots of snacks for me this week! I’m bringing some of the quinoa fried rice to our Super Bowl potluck. I’ll also make some kale salad (recipe from Eat Live Run) to add some extra veggies to the mix. And I’ll splurge on some not-so-healthy guacamole and something chocolate-y for dessert, obviously.

I got in my Sunday long run before 9 am. 14 miles! First time I’ve done over 13 miles since I ran that half-marathon way back in September, so it’s fun to see that mileage tick back up. And I squeezed in just under 2 hours.


Before the Super Bowl, I’ll be doing some blog posts for the week, some lesson prep for school, and some boring bill stuff. And I will spend all day in my yoga pants. Good day.

Did you meal prep this week? Any thoughts on the Super Bowl? (now that the Patriots aren’t in it, I’m not super invested. I guess I’ll say go Seahawks…?)