Running Wishlist

I have been seeing the coolest running products and clothes out there recently, and I just want all of it. Living on a teacher’s salary, paying student loans, and totaling my car (whoops…) have unfortunately limited much spending on my part. But that doesn’t stop me from perusing! Here are some things I’ve had my eye on lately.

PWR Fitted Capri from Reebok


Maybe this is me dreaming of spring, but I would love a pair of running capris. I have a solid pair of leggings that’s been getting me through the winter. (Yes…one pair. They get pretty gnarly by Saturday, let me tell you.) I’ve heard great things about Reebok leggings, and these are on sale!

C9 by Champion Women’s Mesh Fashion Cami Tank from Target


Ah, Target. I could buy everything there, including this tank. I would wear this tank top out! Gotta get workin on those arms for tank top season. (Any good arm workouts for me?)

Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest


I do get thirsty while I run. Last year, I carried my water bottle with me on long runs over 13 miles. I’m back in that territory again for my distance runs, but I just hate holding a water bottle. I’ve seen these vests on other blogs, and I would love to give one a try.



I carry a lot of stuff with me on my runs. Probably not necessary, but I feel unprepared if I don’t have my cell phone, my keys, some snacks, and my Charlie card for emergency bus or T transit. Most of my clothes don’t have quite enough pockets for all of this. Salt did a great review (and is hosting a giveaway!!) of the SPIbelt, and after reading more, I had to add it to my wishlist.

Randies 3-pack from Oiselle


HOW CUTE ARE THESE UNDIES??? Not that I wear underwear while I run (seriously, who does?) but I would love to have these for fun!

That’s only a taste of the things I wish were filling my closet right now. I did just get a new trusty pair of Asics GT-2000, so I’m optimistic that they’ll help with my foot pain. I’ll let you know after I take ’em for a spin tomorrow.

What’s on your running wishlist? Have you tried any of these products?